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  • November 2019 – Pack Communication

    Playwright George Bernard Shaw said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Communication is so important to the success of a Pack, so joining us this month is Sherry Miller, who has held every den leader position and several different committee positions with Pack 84 out of First […] The post November 2019 – Pack Communication appeared first on BSA Podcasts. […]

  • October 2019 – Den Organization

    An organizing principle is a core assumption from which everything else around it can derive a classification or a value so this month we’re going to figure out the structure of a den…you know – how to get it organized. Joining us for the discussion is Barb Perez, Development Director in the National Capital Area Council. TRANSCRIPT The post October 2019 – Den Organization appeared first on BSA Podcasts. […]

  • September 2019 – New Preview Adventures Begin!

    You may remember a CubCast episode back in June about preview adventures. Well, those adventures are now up and running. Lisa Wylie, chair of the National Cub Scout Committee, returns to CubCast to tell us how it’s going, where you can find these adventures, and how you can leave feedback as you engage in these […] The post September 2019 – New Preview Adventures Begin! appeared first on BSA Podcasts. […]

  • August 2019 – Parent Orientation

    Hopefully your recruiting efforts are bringing lots of new boys and girls into your dens and packs. But welcoming new members also means welcoming new parents, and you need to let those new to the program know what’s expected of both the Cub Scout and the parent. We were a little surprised to learn that […] The post August 2019 – Parent Orientation appeared first on BSA Podcasts. […]

  • July 2019 – Welcoming All New Families

    Sometimes a new family might come in with a little bit of anxiety—maybe they’re not exactly sure what they’ve gotten themselves into—and it’s important that we make them comfortable. These new parents are future Cubmasters or den leaders or even just good resources for your den or pack. It’s important that we make them feel […] The post July 2019 – Welcoming All New Families appeared first on BSA Podcasts. […]

  • June 2019 – Preview Adventures

    We’ve got something brand new to talk about for this episode, something called (drum roll, please) preview adventures. Hmm, you might be saying to yourself, I wonder what that’s about? Joining us to tell us all about this exciting new initiative is Lisa Wylie, the brand-new chair for the National Cub Scouting Committee. TRANSCRIPT The post June 2019 – Preview Adventures appeared first on BSA Podcasts. […]