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Cubmobile Race Results

The pack had a fun morning at the Cubmobile Race this past Saturday! Thank you to the volunteers who helped with setting up the ramp, timekeeping, cooking hot dogs, and making the trophies.

The top finishers for each rank are as follows.

1st – Grayson Skimmyhorn
2nd – Gabriel Jaramillo
3rd – Brock Dibble

1st – Shawn Tully
2nd – Trevor Burdick
3rd – Brodee Jones

1st – Tristen Kidd
2nd – Mason Moore
3rd – Jacob King

1st – Calyon Drake
2nd – McKinly Greany
3rd – Lane Olds

The next pack meeting is Saturday, June 13, which is Free Fishing Day. Meeting time is 10:00 AM to noon; the place is Sego Prairie Pond. If you don’t have fishing poles, some will be available for you to borrow. Word is Fish and Game will be stocking the pond earlier in the week.

The next pack committee meeting is Monday, June 18 at 7:00 PM at the Kuna United Methodist Church. The pack is still looking for help with various positions. If you can lend a hand, please attend the meeting.

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