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Cubmobile Guidelines

  1. All cars will be equiped with a seatbelt and brake.
  2. Tires may be solid or air filled and should not exceed 10″ diameter.
  3. Steering may be done by feet — recommend limiting to less than 20 degrees.
  4. NEW for 2014: Steering may be done by steering wheel — recommend limiting to less than 25 degrees.
  5. Wheels base – In order for the car to fit on the launch ramp, width cannot exceed 40″ (outside to outside) and length of wheelbase cannot exceed 48″ (hub to hub), 4″ clearance under car.
  6. Cannot not use the exact same car from any previous year.  Can recycle and rebuild with improvements and fresh paint.
  7. This is an official Pack meeting and scouts should wear their uniform.  Additionally, all cubmobile drivers need to wear a helmet and long pants.
  8. It is recommended to take practice runs before race day.

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Basic Cubmobile

(From Wolf handbook; do an Internet search to find more ideas)

Supplies and Tools


8″ wheels
2’X4′ 3/8″ or 1/2″ plywood
8′ 2X4’s
2″X2″ surveyor’s stake
3/8″ X 6″ lag screws (for wheels)
3/8″ X 4″ hex bolt (for front axle)
3/8″ X 4″ lag screw (for brake)
5/16″ X 4″ carriage bolts (for rear axle)
3/8″ washers
3/8″ lock nut
5/16″ washers
5/16″ lock washers
5/16″ nuts
#6 X 1 1/2″ wood screws
#6 X 2″ wood screws
6-7’x 1/4″ rope
seat belt
2″ X6″ piece of rubber (from old tire)

Power drill
3/8″ and 5/16″ wood bit
Wrenches or socket set
Tape measurer
Wood glue
Power or hand saw

Detailed Instructions

  1. Cut one 2 X 4 52″ for main frame.
  2. Cut two 2 X 4’s 28″ for axles.
  3. Make an “X” on each end of each axle, and drill a hole at each “X” intersect, 6″ deep using a hand electric drill (5/16″ wood bit works well).
  4. On front axle 2 X 4:
    1. Drill a 5/16″ hole on each end near the back for the rope.
    2. Drill a 3/8″ hole at center of 2 X 4.
    3. Attach (2) 2 X 4 blocks to front axle, on either side, 2-1/8″ from center hole, Use glue and #6 X 2″ screws. This will limit steering.
  5. At front of main frame 2 X 4, drill a 3/8″ hole (center 1-5/8″ from front).
  6. Attach front axle to frame using 3/8″ X 4″ hex bolt, 4 washers, and lock nut or 2 nuts. (Tighten enough to allow steering).
  7. Align back axle 2 X 4 at right angle with back of main frame 2 X 4, clamp if possible. Drill (2) 5/16″ holes through axle and main frame. Attach main frame to back axle using 2 carriage bolts, 2 washers, 2 lock washers, and 2 nuts. If this is to be a permanent attachment, glue also.
  8. Cut out seat and back rest from plywood.
  9. Cut one 2 X 4 12-14″ in length for back rest support. (Bevel slightly about 5 degrees if possible).
  10. Attach back rest support (bevel end down) to main frame using glue and 2 screws (#8…21/2″) at an angle. Position of this support depends on size of boy, have scout sit on 2 X 4 frame to estimate position.
  11. Cut out 2 triangular shaped pieces of plywood and attach to either side of backrest support and main frame with glue and screws (#6 1-1/2″). Drilling small pilot holes helps.
  12. Attach seat and back rest using glue and screws (#6…1-1/2″).
  13. Cut 2 X 2 surveyor’s stake to 14-16″ at an angle, cover end with rubber using nails, drill a 3/8″ hole through stake at location it will meet main frame.
  14. Drill hole 5/16″ into main frame at point to attach brake. Mount brake using 3/8″ X 4″ lag screw and washer to side of main frame.
  15. Drill and attach seat belt with fasteners of choice.
  16. Attach 6-7′ of 1/4″ rope to front axle as shown.
  17. Attach wheels using washers and 3/8″ X 6″ lag screws. (Socket wrench helps).

Tell us about your cubmobile stories, build ideas and modifications…