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Assistant Cubmaster

Pack 106 needs an Assistant Cubmaster

The Cubmaster has a big role. Having assistant Cubmasters allows the Cubmaster to share responsibilities. Every pack should have at least one assistant Cubmaster, but some packs have two or three.


Is at least 18 years old. At least one assistant Cubmaster should be able to replace the Cubmaster’s position in case of an emergency. If a pack has only one assistant Cubmaster, he or she must be at least 21 years old. In packs with more than one assistant Cubmaster, one must be at least 21 and the additional one may be at least age 18. The assistant Cubmaster is recommended by the Cubmaster, approved by the pack committee and chartered organization, and registered as an adult leader of the BSA.


  • An assistant Cubmaster’s responsibilities (as designated by the Cubmaster) are to:
  • Help the Cubmaster as needed. Be ready to fill in for the Cubmaster, if necessary.
  • Complete Cubmaster Fast Start training and position-specific Basic Leader Training. Attend monthly roundtables.
  • Participate in pack meetings.
  • Supervise den chiefs and see that they are trained.
  • Conduct the monthly den chief planning meeting for all den leaders, assistant den leaders, and den chiefs to plan and coordinate weekly den meetings and pack meeting participation.
  • Work with neighborhood troops that supply den chiefs and into which Webelos Scouts may graduate.
  • Along with the pack committee, develop and promote an ongoing plan for recruiting new boys.
  • Along with the Cubmaster and pack committee, assist with pack reregistration.
  • Help with pack activities, such as dinners, derbies, bike safety workshops, and service projects.
  • Along with the pack committee, coordinate outings to see that the pack and dens qualify for the National Summertime Pack Award.
  • Participate in the annual pack program planning conference and pack leaders’ meetings.
  • Support the policies of the BSA.