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Technology Services Chair

Pack 106 thanks

Jeff Carter

for volunteering to fulfill the needs of this role.


The technology administrator has working knowledge and adept skills to implement content management systems, web design and development, cloud services, social media platforms, audio and visual media, and can help pack committee members use information tools.


The technology administrator manages the Internet resources used by the pack. Specifically, the technology administrator will:

  • Manage the primary administrator and/or user credentials for the domain registrar account, web hosting account, content management system and databases, FTP accounts, Internet Advancement account (ScoutNET), Cub Trails, cloud services and social media accounts (Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. (if implemented)).
  • Create accounts and temporary passwords for secondary administrators and users of all systems.
  • Maintain secure passdown documentation of all primary accounts, including credentials, processes, and additional need-to-know information not already covered in existing documentation of specific systems.
  • Approve new user accounts for the Cub Trails system.
  • Disable and/or delete user accounts as necessary.
  • Manage hierarchal email forwarders as needed for distribution groups or individual committee members and leaders.
  • Manage the content for the pack website and ensure it is relevant and current at all times.
  • Maintain the functionality of the pack website, including codebase updates, layout and design features, and integration with remote content and systems (e.g., calendars, media, email server, etc).
  • Share knowledge of and provide help as needed for using the systems to all users through group demonstrations, 1-on-1 assistance, email or shared documentation.
  • Setup audio and presentation systems for pack events.
  • Assist with technical aspects of other committee roles and encourage consistent best practices.
  • Recommendations and implement technology solutions that will help meet needs for efficient Pack operations.
  • Maintain a consistent visual branding, interoperability, and accessibility of the Pack website and adopted resources.