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What Once Was Old, Can Be New Again

Hello everybody,

I’d like to introduce myself.  My name is Nate Jensen and I am the Cubmaster for Pack 106 in Kuna Idaho.  I was a Cub Scout as a kid, and worked my way 3-feet from the finish line as a Life Scout when I was a teenager.  When my son came of age, I knew Scouting was the right choice for him, and for our family.

What make Scouting so special?

Well, it boils down to distraction.  Today, there seems to be more than enough distractions out there to take your time and your money.  Scouting is an investment, but the investment is in ethical leadership, community service, expanded understanding of outdoor management and the joy of serving others.  While sports, music, karate and other activities can provide some of these values, Scouting delivers them all, and does so at a cost substantially less than the others.

Scouting gives you, the parent an opportunity to bond further with your child.  Its one thing to be a cheerleader, its quite another to be a team member.  This enables you to hold both roles.  We only have them for a limited time, how would you like to look back at that time?

I encourage you to consider the benefits of scouting, what it can do for your youth and how together, we can develop a better sense of community, and togetherness.

Yours In Scouting,


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